17 / F / From Québec / In a relationship / Proud feminist.Hey there~ Welcome to my blog! You can call me Aphrodite, even though that's not my real name; This is my name on the Internet~ Anyway. Don't mind me, I'm just a normal teenage fangirl, obsessed with otome games, anime and music. Welp, I hope we can all get along and be friends~This is my personal blog, my fangirl blog AND my roleplay blog. So, it's very possible that there is going to be some really random stuff & roleplays that you may not be interested in, haha!You can ask me anything: M!As (Even though it probably won't affect my blog very much OTL) suggestions, and I can even give you advice if you really want to! Of course, you can still talk to me normally, too. If you want to roleplay with me, just ask; Since I'm an awkward turtle-duck, I may not ask you. But I would feel honored if you would RP with me!Okay. That's it now. I'm done. Yay~ (BTW: My icon was made by markingdays :D)

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So I just downloaded Shall We Date: Ninja Love and…


I mean, haven’t seen enough of them to judge them by their personnality… Anyone have some advice, or could you describe them to me? That would mean the world to me!

First world otome problems -_-’ xD